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Our Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico Ham hand-carved by one of our Master Carvers. Coming from the hind legs of the 100% Ibérico pig raised free range in the Dehesa woodlands of the Iberian peninsular southwest. With an acorn-based diet and from a unique race that we have preserved since 1879. The main oleic acids of the acorns infiltrate the meat of this so very pure and singular species native to our peninsula during the acorn-rich montanera season. Ham with exquisite aromas and flavours that give rise to a unique quality meat.


Tasting Note

- by -

Teresa de la Cierva

A member of the Spanish Royal Gastronomy Academy
Vice-President of the Gastronomy Academy of Madrid


There are three tones in the colour of the loin which range from bright red in the well-cured areas to pink. Shine appears at room temperature caused by the white marbled fat and small white "crystals" which are the undeniable mark of low salinity and gradual, slow curing. The muscular fibres show hints of pink which denotes prolonged curing and the purity of the race.


The meat in the top third of the ham is soft, juicy, unctuous…it melts in your hands. The tip and knuckle feature a more fibrous and firm-bodied consistency which increases the chewing time and enjoyment.


Intense, long, with notes of acorns, wet grass, thyme… The opening is clean and fresh with the roasting and wood flourishing… The aromas place the senses on guard and make you start enjoying the ham.


A taste of acorns, toasted hazelnuts, wet wood and wild flowers is detected. Some rashers from the tip feature a flavour that takes on a sweeter and fattier note. The persistence in the mouth is very long. The fifth flavour, the umami, is present and makes the taste buds water. Note: The tasting notes were taken at a temperature of 24ºC which is the recommended temperature for sampling.